Despite being a land-locked country, Molvanians love their seafood. Here a fisherman from Lake Vjaza checks his catch for mercury levels.
Nightlife - Lutenblag style!
Madame Tussaud's has recently opened a museum in Lutenblag, featuring the world's largest collection of bearded men.
The Great Plains, recently granted UNESCO World Heritage status as a "site of significant monotony".
Svetranj locals gather each year on the 6th of June to celebrate the Feast of the Lopsided Saints.
The Vajana Ritzzz Hotjl - what it lacks in old world charm it more than makes up for in concrete.
When dining in certain parts of southern Molvania it is considered rude to ask for cutlery.
Eastern Molvanian men play Rubrav, a popular card game similar to 'strip poker' except that, instead of removing clothes, losing bidders must don table napkins.
Party Time! A local Barjovian celebrates National Fertility Day, marking the date Viagra was introduced into Molvania as an over-the-counter drug.
A worker at the Sjerezo nuclear power plant proudly demonstrates the central reactor core, safely protected by her lead-lined shawl.
The Palace guards of Sjerezo were said to be the personal favourite of King Svardo III under whom they were officially known as the 'Royal Molvanian She-Boys'.
Sjerezo's town square is no longer used for military parades. It does, however, continue to attract lunatics.